Getting off Tumblr Because You Bitches Suck.

My dear 48 followers,

I kid.

I have a school project that’s a tumblr site, so I’m going to be working on that for a while.

But don’t worry, if we’re friends, I’ll be creepin’ you :3 <3

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I fell asleep listening to Blur’s first album while I was trying to do homework. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m a fairweather fan in Damon Albarn’s eyes because I surely do love his boisterous, somewhat annoying, politically-laden music.

ps. adjective dry spell is due to the fact I’ve written about 1000 papers in the past week and words just aren’t my thang rn

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I’m salty.

I’m being forced to go to this date auction tonight to help my roommate raise money for her club and my roommates are convinced I’ll find “the right guy” but I told them if the dude who bids on me is a scrub, someone’s getting knocked tf out.

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I had a dream last night that Mac Demarco stole my Birkenstocks and sold them for women’s size 6 rollerblades which he proceeded to wear

Everything about this is perf.

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i hate falling apart because i’m stressed out by my workload at school. i knew what i got myself into when i signed myself up these classes, but i feel like it’s really crippling to look at your calendar and at least 4 different things are due and you don’t know where to start, let alone if you even know what you’re doing.

i start to panic. 

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